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Brand Advice

At our hunter demo days we are continually asked the question “what bowls brand should I use?

We also have many customers who turn up with a particular bowl/brand in mind because their coach / friends said they were the best or, that their club champion plays with a particular bowl so they must be the best.

As coaches at Hunter bowls, we are not paid to promote one brand over the other and we sell all brands.  Our demo days are a great way for the customer themselves to try out all the brands, all the models, all the sizes and all the grips against each other all at the same time in the same conditions. That is one of the many reasons our Demo Days are so successful. Our customers get to test out a variety of different bowls/brands and make their own decision as to what suits them best.

Bowls can feel very different in the hand between brands and grips. What feels good to one person can feel very different to another, we see this all the time. Comfort is very important. Among the different brands there are different models which all vary in the amount of grass they take and their particular line to the jack. It comes down to personal choice and individual needs.

Quiet often we see customers who come with the intention of testing out one particular bowl that they intend to buy who end up completely changing their mind after testing out other models or brands.

So to answer the question “What bowl brand should I use”? My advice would be to come to our hunter demo days and decide for yourself. We have had customers from as far as Bourke, Tamworth, Ballina and Merimbula who have all said it was worth the trip.