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Bowls Size Advice

Bowls Size Advice. 

At our Hunter bowls Demo days, we constantly receive requests for assistance in helping our customers to determine the correct bowl size.

Choosing your correct bowl size is vital when wanting to play to the best of your ability and we find a high percentage of bowlers are bowling with the incorrect size.

The best way is to try the different sizes yourself. Bowls come in different shapes as do hands, what feels good for one person may not feel good for the next. Comfort in the hand is most important.

One of the reasons our demo days are so popular, is because you can try out different sizes in different bowls with different grips all on the same green with qualified coaches available to offer assistance. You will be surprised as to how different the sizes can feel between the brands.

There are two common ways often used by coaches to determine size. These may give you an indicator and may be used as a starting point, but nothing beats rolling the bowls yourself.

  1. Wrapping your hand around the bowl placing your thumbs together at the bottom and your middle fingers at the top. If your fingers meet without too much stretching, it may be an indicator that the bowl could be the right size for you.  However, I have seen many top female bowlers who successfully bowl with a bowl that they do not come close to wrapping their hands around.
  2. When gripping the bowl, turn the bowl upside down. Do you have control of it? Is it slipping? or too painful? If you can hold the bowl easily upside down, again this could be an indicator that the bowl could be the right size for you. However this theory alone does not take into account possible hand/wrist injuries a person may have. People suffering from chronic arthritis for example, may be able to hold the bowl upside down for a few seconds, but may start to struggle with pain towards the end of a game.  Also, the control of holding a dry bowl with a dry hand upside down may vary when holding a wet bowl in pouring rain or a wet hand during a game.

Generally we want to go with the largest bowl that you can manage with ease. Comfort is so important. While the above methods may give you an indicator, nothing beats testing the bowls out for yourself. Come down to our demo days, you can test the bowl out on a draw shot as well as a full blown drive to see if you truly do have the comfort and control you need.